Moving Forward leadership

Develop your leadership skills and lead your people with pride

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Why leadership?
Since I was a young boy I have always been engulfed with the idea and concepts of leadership.  Now I want to bring my experiences to you. 

Join me on my journey and story of passion in leading the best people which the world has to offer you! 

Semi-monthly I offer you practical thoughts, ideas, and lessons on leadership so you do not have to learn the hard way like I did! 

Scott McCarthy
Being an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces has given me an incredible amount of leadership experience. Additionally, I constantly am striving to make myself better and everyone else around me.

Now it's your turn! Join me and together we can enable you to lead your people and organization to heights you never thought were possible. 
"Leadership is the art of influencing people or groups of people to achieve the intent of the leader"
Moving forward leadership Topics
  1. Presentation and Communication Skills
    Presentation and Communication Skills
    Talking to people and communicating is the cornerstone of leadership. You need to be able to communicate in a manner which both gets your vision out but also is understood by everyone.
  2. Self Development
    Self Development
    Some episodes will discuss ways to make yourself a better leader, mentor, and follower. These topics range from leadership based to even health. All which make you a better leader in the end.
  3. Team Building
    Team Building
    Developing your team into a cohesive unit which operates at its peak is the job of every leader. Learn how to develop your people, bring them together and get them working towards the common goals.