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Scott's Best Books on Leadership

As a leader, it's absolutely imperative that you keep learning. One of the best ways to learn is simply by reading. Here is my best book list for you!

9 Foundations of Leadership by Scott McCarthy

My eBook on my foundations of leadership. If leadership is new to you, or even if it is not, this book will ensure that you have the basics down.  

Why read:     A quick and easy read, I explain what the foundations are to ensure that you have the base to begin to develop your own leadership style and techniques while ensuring that you are leading your people properly. 

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Leadership by General Rick Hillier

General Hillier was well renown in Canada during his tenure as Chief of Defense Staff for the Canadian Armed Forces. General Hillier goes into in-depth about his career within the Canadian Armed Forces and how he tackled the various leadership challenges.

Why read:  The best part of his book, General Hillier talks about vision, and how crucial it is to any organization. As well as how to develop your own. So if you need help in that department, then this is your solution. 

The 360 Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell

By far my favourite book from this author.  John Maxwell goes into how you can be a good leader to your follower, peers and superiors and probably the most well-rounded book on leadership to date.

Why read:  If you are starting out and want to have a sense how to be a good well-rounded leader then this will help you immensely. You will gain practical tips for dealing with all people in your work relationships and not just your boss.  This will lead to you building better relationships but more importantly being able to leverage those when you need to.  MUST READ!

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek's book revolves right around the topic of my first podcast "Why?". The main concept that Sinek discusses throughout the book is that the concept of having your employees and people to understand "why" they and the organization is doing something is the most important aspect, not the what or how. 

Why read:  Have a read of this book so that you can fully grasp the concept of empowering your people with why and not how.  This will lead to increased results, productivity, and employee satisfaction. 

The Power of When by Michael Breus

Not a leadership book at all but still very important.  Dr. Breus uses a large number of studies to develop his program about your chronotype.  Additionally, he tells you when you should do various activities from when to wake to when you should do strategic planning and everything in between. 

Why read:  This book will help you operate at your peek all the time.  It'll open your eyes to mistakes which you had no idea you were making as well as enable you to be more efficient. Taking care of yourself is something you have to do in order to serve others.