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Develop your leadership skills because leaders don't boss and bosses don't lead

Moving Forward Leadership is devoted helping leaders at all stages of the leadership in developing their skills to becoming the best leader they possibly can.

on the three "Domains of Leadership"
to enhance your skills

Leading Yourself

Leading yourself is all about achieving your peak performance. From mindset to managing your routine in order to lead others you must lead yourself first.

Leading Your Team

Take care of your team so they can take care of you. Motivating your team, inspire, build incredible connects is the cornerstone of leading great teams.

Leading Your Organization

Being proactive to ensure that you create, lead, and keep an effective and efficient organization is must if it going to not only survive but thrive going into the future.

14 Days to Start Leading Today

Learn how to Lead Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organization Now!


Lead Don't Boss

It’s time for you to become a leader and stop bossing your way through the day. The Peak Performance Leadership Podcast brings you world-leading experts in the domains of leadership to increase your ability to lead and not boss.

Simply subscribe to the show to have the latest ideas and strategies on how you can be the best leader you can be.

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PODCAST Testimonials

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Getting Past a Dysfunctional Workplace | Paul Glover

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How Leadership Actually Works | US Navy SEAL Larry Yatch

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Meet Your Chief Leadership Officer

Hey, I’m Scott and I’m here to serve you as your Chief Leadership Officer. What does that mean exactly? It means I am responsible to ensure that you get the best resources possible to develop yourself to become the greatest leader possible.

On top of those resources I will give you access to the 20+ years of military leadership experience which I have within me.

PERSONAL Testimonials

The results which Scott brings you

“Everything rises or falls,” states John Maxwell, “on leadership.” If this is true--and I believe it is--then every leader must sense the urgency to further develop their skill set. I appreciate Scott McCarthy's passion to help leaders do just that. He says, “in leadership the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop being useful for your organization.” Whether it’s through his eBook, The Nine Foundations of Leadership, or his podcasts, I have found a wealth of information that challenges me to become the best leader that I can be. And you will, too.
Paul Gilliam
Christian Horizons, Area Manager
I got my first lessons in Leadership from Scott way back when he was a 12 year old “green star” cadet and I was a 19 year old “green” OCdt! He shares real world and practical advise to help you grow from a solid and proficient manager to the inspiring leader business needs!
Dave Piercey
Avis Rental Group, Area Manager
Before signing up to the POWER Goals Coaching program, I was constantly chasing tasks with little to no impact on my actual goals. Through the program and Scott’s direct coaching, I have learned how to focus on my actual goals and prioritize them in a manner which enables me to take care of my family, work my day job, and lead an explosive online community.
Curtis Webster Jr
Founding Father, Dads Married to Doctors
I spent 8 weeks with Moving Forward Leadership in an online group at the start of 2019. As a stay at home dad was able to learn that my to-do list isn’t a goal list. Sometimes we make the routine parts of daily living out to be the life goals we need to accomplish.
Jayme Shelton
Stay at Home Dad of 3

Leader Growth Mastermind

A community environment driven to help leaders at all levels to grow in their leadership role. Our all inclusive growth-minded environment will enable you to develop new skills, seek advice, and challenge yourself everyday. 

Leaders Growth Mastermind

Exclusive Members Only Area

A community area just for members of the mastermind to interact so that you know you are getting the highest quality responses to your questions and thoughts.

Members Only Content

Gain access to members only content which continually gets added to and updated on a regular basis. 

Weekly Group Calls

Discuss your ongoing issues and threaded content material face-to-face with other mastermind members along with a facilitator.  

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