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Moving Forward Leadership focuses on three domains of leadership:​

Leading Yourself

Leading yourself is all about achieving your peak performance. From mindset to managing your routine in order to lead others you must lead yourself first.

Leading Your Team

Take care of your team so they can take care of you. Motivating your team, inspire, build incredible connects is the cornerstone of leading great teams.

Leading Your Organization

Being proactive to ensure that you create, lead, and keep an effective and efficient organization is must if it going to not only survive but thrive going into the future.

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Lead Don't Boss

It’s time for you to become a leader and stop bossing your way through the day. The Moving Forward Leadership Podcast brings you world-leading experts in the domains of leadership to increase your ability to lead and not boss.

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Featured Episodes

To give you a taste of of what Moving Forward Leadership bring you, here are some featured episodes for each domain. Have a listen and learn what we are all about. 

Hey, I’m Scott and I’m here to serve you as your Chief Leadership Officer. What does that mean exactly? It means I am responsible to ensure that you get the best resources possible to develop yourself to become the greatest leader possible.

On top of those resources I will give you access to the 20+ years of military leadership experience which I have within me.

Leadership Community

We all need the help of others from time to time in order to get through the struggles which leadership gives us. 

Luckily though you are not alone. There are tons other other leaders waiting to help you in your leadership journey within the Moving Forward Leadership community. This free community will give you access to people with similar struggles as your own, former podcast guests who are experts in their field, and Scott himself.  

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