Here at Moving Forward Leadership, we are committed to helping you become the best leader that you can be. To achieve this feat, we focus on three domains of leadership:

Yourself the Leader

Learn how to lead yourself better so that you can lead others. In the end if you cannot lead yourself who can you lead?

Your Team

Leadership skills for team building and taking care of individuals within your organization are crucial for success.

Your Organization

Discover elements which make an organization a successful one. From different work ideologies to organizational culture it all rests on the leader's shoulders.

I got my first lessons in Leadership from Scott way back when he was a 12 year old “green star” cadet and I was a 19 year old “green” OCdt! He shares real world and practical advise to help you grow from a solid and proficient manager to the inspiring leader business needs!

- Dave Piercey, Unit Manager at Avis Budget Group

“Everything rises or falls,” states John Maxwell, “on leadership.” If this is true--and I believe it is--then every leader must sense the urgency to further develop their skill set. I appreciate Scott McCarthy's passion to help leaders do just that. He says, “in leadership the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop being useful for your organization.” Whether it’s through his eBook, The Nine Foundations of Leadership, or his podcasts, I have found a wealth of information that challenges me to become the best leader that I can be. And you will, too.

- Paul Gillam, Area Manager at Christian Horizons