Achieving High Consistent Elite Performance with Matt Comand

Achieving High Consistent Elite Performance|Matt Comand|Episode 86

July 10, 2019

Elite performance out of our people and teams are things of which leaders dream of. Whenever we think of the world’s leading organizations such as Google, Tesla, and Cisco we think of the output that their people create for their organization. This output is simply not wished, but it is generated through the hard work and dedication but most importantly the elite performance which is required for success.

Matt Comand is an experienced High Performance Coach with a demonstrated history of working with elite athletes, coaches, teams, and executives. Skilled in Athletic Development, Leadership Development, Mental Skills Training, and Team Cohesion. He is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve their optimal potential and more thoroughly enjoy the process of achieving consistent excellence. 

Consistent Elite Performance Topics

  • How leaders can use the aspects of elite sports in leadership
  • How leaders can eliminate and mitigate the negative emotions and thoughts
  • What are “anchors” and how leaders can use them
  • How leaders can avoid attention “sucks”
  • Components of Elite Teams
  • Coaching techniques for leaders to develop elite teams
  • What an Elite Teams look like

Guest Resources

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