How to Build Trust and Collaboration | Jill Ratliff

Among the most important skills in leadership are gaining trust and knowing how to collaborate under stress. A great leader is the kind of person others want to follow. They know how to break down silos and model collaboration. They have the courage to build meaningful relationships, and are experts at establishing trust and touching hearts, creating an environment where people feel heard, small problems don’t escalate, and businesses succeed.

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Blend Your Culture, Strategy, and Execution | Dan Bruder

Competitive advantage and financial gain have become widely accepted strategic priorities for companies. Yes, many companies invest in professional development for employees and support volunteer and charitable programs. Yet, such efforts are rarely incorporated into the organization’s core focus, outcomes, and actions, let alone its true purpose for being in business. Putting competition and profits first not only devalues individual workers; it hurts the entire organization. With the outbreak of COVID-19, many people responded with anxiety and lost their motivation for working as their companies scrambled to adapt to the challenges, including managing a remote workforce. Focusing on problems and clinging to the goal of market dominance at all costs takes a toll on employees, customers, and their communities, as well as a company’s reputation and bottom line.

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