Andrew O'Brien talks about how he developed the Vetpreneur Tribe and what it means to him.

Birth of the Military Entrepreneur Tribe with Andrew O’Brien – Episode 36

March 7, 2018

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.  

– General George S. Patton


Entrepreneurship is currently a hot topic. Wherever you look it seems like everyone is becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. An interesting niche of this booming trend is the rise of the military entrepreneur.  In general terms, military members are not the best-paid members of society; however, they are some of the most resourceful people on the planet. With training to overcome the largest obstacles with little to no resources, it is no surprise that many serving members turn to entrepreneurship prior to and after leaving the service.

That all turns to my guest on the Moving Forward Leadership Podcast, Andrew O’Brien. A former US Army soldier turned CEO turn Military Entrepreneur. In fact, his belief that soldiers make the best entrepreneurs he decided to leave his company as CEO and create the Vetpreneur Tribe – an organization with the sole purpose of helping Military Entrepreneurs. During our discussion we cover the following topics:

  • His background and story
  • Greatest leadership lessons as the CEO
  • Greatest leadership challenge
  • Why he moved from his role as CEO to create Vetpreneur Tribe
  • Some of the greatest successes he has had with Vetpreneur Tribe
  • How does he see himself as a leader within the Vetpreneur Tribe
  • What is his vision for Vetpreneur Tribe down the future.

Guest Resources

If you are interested in contacting Andrew or any of the resources which he provides, then be sure to check them out below!


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