Podcast Episodes

Professional Development – Episode 3

In today’s episode, I dive into the concept of Professional Development. Professional Development is critical to both your people and yourself to keep improving. However, many people think that professional development needs to be formal but as you will find out there are many ways to further develop yourself and your people. Professional Development Topics So…

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Crisis! – Episode 2

In today’s episode, I dig into Crisis Management. No matter how well you plan, prepare and execute a crisis will happen one day. So having an understanding of today’s topics will get you ready to deal with it as soon as it pops up. Crisis Topics Quickly here are the points covered: What is a crisis What…

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Why? – Episode 1

Welcome to the Moving Forward Podcast! Today I’m happy to announce the first of many podcasts to come. This podcast and website are dedicated making you a better leader. I am here to help you on your journey, a journey which I continue to make daily. Together, with your need for knowledge, and my experience we will…

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