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Provide and RECEIVE The Feedback

Feedback is a crucial took to ensure that your team and organization are on the right course. Like a plan flying from Toronto to London, UK, regular feedback is required to keep everyone on the right path. Yet so many leaders and organizations fail to either provide this crucial information or to do it in a manner which is beneficial. It’s time to fix that!

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Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling | Mandy Cavanaugh

In many areas around the world, women still struggle to reach the same level as their male counterparts. Even in the western world, we just celebrated the election of the first female Vice President of the United States. Yet there is an ever increasing number of women in the workplace. It’s time for us as…

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Culture Hacks | Colin Ellis

Culture is the biggest topic in the world right now – and the number one determinant of organizational success – yet it’s often put in the ‘too hard to change’ basket. For too long leaders have applied lip service responses or quick-fix solutions to culture change that don’t actually affect behaviour change or else provide…

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Be a Trusted Leader who Drives Results | David Horsager

Trust isn’t something we typically think of as having an economic value. But scratch the surface behind the numbers appearing on any company’s balance sheet and trust — or a lack of it — appears everywhere. When trust increases, so do output, morale, retention, innovation and loyalty. Conversely, a lack of trust is a company’s single biggest expense. At the core, problems are never about leadership, communication, sales, marketing or even finances. Every issue falls under one or more of the “8 Pillars of Trust.” These pillars correspond to eight specific traits that the most trusted leaders, brands and organizations have in common. The good news is that trust can be learned, practiced and profitable — with astonishing results.

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Leadership Lessons from 75 Hard

Leadership and leaders can stagnate just like companies. From time to time we leaders must challenge ourselves in new ways to ensure that we are still growing as a leader and person. From 1 February 2021 and for 75 days straight I did just that. I and a group of 15 men took on Andy…

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Lessons from Leaders in Lockdown | Atholl Duncan

A year ago, business leaders around the world began grappling with the pandemic and its massive impact on the workplace, the economy, and people’s lives. Largely isolated and working from home, top executives were not only forced to quickly figure out how to adapt to keep their company running. They also had time to re-examine…

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THRIVE with High-Performing Culture | Andrew Freedman

Culture affects every aspect of your business, organization, and even yourself. Building a high-performing culture requires you as a leader to drive that vision on a daily basis. Understanding the components of a high performing culture, how to lead your team, and understanding what a high performing culture looks like will ensure success.  Andrew Freedman…

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Putting Strategy First | Brad Chase

The importance of strategy cannot be understated. You organization is like a ship and its strategy is the rudder. With out the rudder, the ship will sail in circles and ultimately go nowhere. With a steady rudder (strategy) and an experience Captain (you the leader) your ship will get to its destination. Sure there’ll be waves along the way, maybe a detour or two, but that is how you operate to achieve success.

Brad Chase has had a broad and extensive business career. He has advised leaders of businesses of many different sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, and in many different kinds of markets, from mobile and education to enterprises and consumer services. Some of the companies he has worked with include GE, Telstra, VMware, Mozy (a subsidiary of EMC), Blucora, Sonos, Vizrea, and Crisply. He has also held leadership positions on the boards of many companies and nonprofit organizations, including Expedia, Ooyala, DreamBox, Brooks, Boys and Girls Clubs of King County, and The Nature Conservancy. As a public speaker, Brad has spoken about his particular theory on business strategy, Strategy First, to executives at large and small businesses, to incubators, at conferences, and to students at topflight MBA programs. Before consulting, board work, and speaking, Brad spent 14 years at Microsoft finishing his tenure as a Senior Vice President and Executive Officer managing a team of over 4,000. From April 1999 until mid-2002, Brad led MSN.com’s transformation from an unsuccessful internet service to the worldwide traffic and search leader. Under his leadership at MSN, search traffic, revenue, and internal team morale all more than doubled.

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5 Tips to be successful as a Younger Leader

Age is often looked at as a sign of experience and competence. However, leadership is more complex than simply age. Younger leaders definitely face more complex challenges than their older counterparts. Additionally, the ability to form high-performing teams is challenged.

However, not all is bad. Younger leaders can bring their assets to move their organization forward. Like anything, there are simple tactics which can help you as a younger leader to excel.

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Ways to Control Chaos in Your Business | Susan Fennema

Chaos can destroy the best of organizations. It can rifle through them with unprecedented speed and destruction. As leaders, we need to ensure that we eliminate chaos when it occurs. However, it is even more important to ensure that we get ahead and stop the chaos from even starting in the first place.

Susan Fennema is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos, a consultancy helping small business owners to simplify their operations and manage their projects so they can grow their businesses and get their lives back. With 30+ years of operations/project management experience in professional service industries, Susan is on a mission to improve American society exponentially. When not making multi-course dinners, she enjoys Texas A&M football games and Blackhawks hockey. She lives and works from her home in McKinney, Texas, with her husband, dog, and cat.

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