Ryan Michler discusses his journey to making order of man and it's future.

Developing Your Masculine Leadership With Ryan Michler – Episode 37

March 14, 2018

“Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”  

― John Eldredge

Leadership comes in many forms for many different people and masculine leadership is no different. The Order of Man website and podcast is geared obviously towards building better men and Masculine Leadership. However, that is not to say there are no lessons to be learned for all. Ultimately, the core lessons which are presented by Order of Man are applicable to everyone when properly reflected upon.

As we move onto the next edition of the Military  Veteran Entrepreneur month, my guest is Ryan Michler. He is the host and founder or Order of Man and the interview revolves around his journey in creating the order. During this episode we discuss the following topics:

  • His background and story
  • Explanation of the motto of Protect | Provide | Preside
  • Challenges of launching Order of Man and how he overcame them
  • What the future has in store for Order of Man
  • His new book Sovereignty
  • When he realized that became a leader of men
  • Has there ever been a time when he has felt that it was too difficult
  • How the Iron Council helps men better their lives

Guest Resources

If you are interested in learning more about Ryan and his resources then check out the link below:


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