Developing your Organizational Purpose with Alex Agresta – Episode 41

April 18, 2018

The Leader using Purpose, Passion and Inspiration will always outperform the Leader using Pressure, Pain, and Insults.

– Ty Howard

Having purpose is something which we all hear about and know of but truly how many of us live our lives with purpose? Further to that, how many of us lead our organizations with purpose? The purpose is what drives us to organizations, groups, and individuals. Finding organizational purpose is a must-do for any leader. You need to understand what your organization is truly set out to achieve. That may seem easy if you’re in business – make money – think beyond that. Think deeper and in the end, you will achieve greatness and amazing results.

Alex Agresta has dedicated her life to helping leaders and organizations figure out their purpose. Her background is in communication, executive coaching, and community building. She specializes in leadership development, methodology & framework design, and purpose alignment. Alex has coached for the University of Central Florida, the largest college in the nation, in a variety of their departments including the College of Business Administration, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Rosen College of Hospitality Management. She is a 2016 BizVenture Competition winner and 2017 BizVenture Coach for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation. During our interview we discuss the following topics:

  • Her background
  • What Purpose Pioneers is and its goals
  • How leaders can systemize purpose of their organizations
  • An overview of their decision-making process ideology
  • What benefits would leaders gain through using the Purpose- first approach
  • How Purpose-first approach helps develop delegation
  • What has been the greatest success for an organization
  • The biggest challenges come across attempting to implement the approach
  • How they have overcome those challenges

Guest Resources

If you want to reach out to Alex and learn more about what she does then be sure to check out the following resources:


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