Jennifer Britton discusses her experience when working as a team leader within the United Nations

From UN Missions to the Boardroom with Jennifer Britton – Episode 26

December 23, 2017

Non-government Organizations (NGOs) are found all over the world doing great work benefiting the underprivileged.  These organizations have their own leadership challenges which few of us get the opportunity to experience. NGOs leaders have to deal with limited resources and capacity more than  any business could ever imagine.

In today’s episode, I have the great pleasure of having Jennifer Britton on the show with me. Jennifer began her journey working with the United Nations in a humanitarian role and then after an unfortunate circumstance returned home to Canada and began her business. Therefore, it goes without saying that her experience is vast and diverse. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview:

  • That differences that a person would find working for a Non-government Organization (NGO) than in the business realm.
  • How to she used the vision of NGOs to its maximum benefit.
  • How she managed to work within different cultures.
  • How she developed her business in group coachingCommon problem themes across different organizations.
  • What the core signs for a team leader to decide to bring in a team coach.
  • Some ways can leaders effectively lead their organizations virtually.

Guest Resources

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s resources and contact info if you are interested in learning more about his work:



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