Robert Campbell discusses how we can be more personal with our personnel.

How to be More Personal with Colonel (retired) Robert Campbell – Episode 25

December 11, 2017

Often a leader’s personnel is referred to as their greatest resource. While the premise of the statement is true, it leads leaders to be cold and heartless. The ideology of being more personal with your personnel is that you become closer to them, understanding who they are as an individual and team member. Which leads to this episode’s guest.

I had the great pleasure of having US Army Colonel (retired) Robert Campbell on the show with me. Robert spent over 27 years in the US Army and ended up commanding a Brigade of approximately 5,000 people. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview:

  • Policies and procedures to make people priority 1
  • Helping people with issues
  • Challenges come across with this approach
  • Ego how destructive it can be and you can keep it in check
  • Lessons learned from his time

Guest Resources

Be sure to check out Rob’s resources and contact info if you are interested in learning more about his work:



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