Rebecca Barnes-Hogg discusses her YOLO Principle in the hiring process

Lead and Manage the Hiring Process with Rebecca Barnes-Hogg – Episode 32

February 7, 2018

“Hire Character. Train Skill.”
– Peter Schutz

People are the center and cornerstone of any organization. Without people organizations, business, and even families would not exist! Yet as leaders, we too often pay lip-service the complete hiring process of identifying who are needed, where they are needed and how they are hired. Today that changes for you as you will learn the whole process how to lead and hire your next employee.

My expert, Rebecca Barnes-Hogg comes with a lengthy background and has developed her hiring process referred to as the YOLO. In the end, her goal is for you to find the purple unicorn – or your ideal employee. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview:

  • Her background and story
  • Why YOLO?
  • A bad hire impacts your company in many ways.
  • Four Components of the YOLO Principle
  • How to determine what tasks and responsibilities the person will have
  • It’s better to be understaffed than to have a bad employee who will affect the performance and
  • morale of the rest of your team.
  • Ways to recruit people
  • Some ways to interview properly
  • How to evaluate and select the right person
  • How to overcome obstacles

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