Steve Smith explains his Leadership Axions

Leadership Axioms with Steve Smith – Episode 33

February 14, 2018

“Leaders become great, not because of their power but their ability to empower others.”
-John C. Maxwell

Leadership is often referred to as an art and not a science. What that means that there are no specific processes or formulas to find the answer to a problem. Instead, leadership requires leaders to develop soft skills or interpersonal skills. Every leader requires a starting point in their leadership journey, much to the reason why I wrote my 9 Foundations of Leadership. My guest today, Steve Smith, likewise has developed his Leadership Axioms which we discussed during this episode.

Here are the topics which we cover during this interview:

  • Background
  • How Steve got into the Executive Coaching Career
  • How he developed his Leadership Axioms
  • Discussions on the following leadership axioms:
    • Accountability
    • Mindset Time Zone
    • Delegation
    • Priority Setting
    • Pursuing Excellence
    • Servant Leadership
    • Self Assessment

Guest Resources

If you are interested in contacting Steve or any of the resources which he provides, then be sure to check them out below!


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