Leadership Panel – Episode 50

June 20, 2018

The average new podcast doesn’t last more than a few months of even deep into double-digits before the host no longer provides new content. For the Moving Forward Leadership to hit 50 episodes over the span of 1.5 years has been a testament to you the listeners out there! It’s for you that I record these shows weekly and provide you with the best content possible.  I thank you for the support that you have given Moving Forward Leadership thus far and I am humbled by the thousands of you who are listening to this show weekly.

This episode I wanted to do something different, something big and I believe we delivered on just that! I didn’t bring on one guest but three guests this time! In fact, I brought back three guests!

Guest Resources

If you’re interested in reaching out to the guests here are their resources:

Keisha A. Rivers

George Penyak

George is just a cool guy; he has no resources to share. He wanted to just wanted to share his story and experiences.

Heather Younger


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