Leading From the Front With Colonel (Retired) John Conrad – Episode 16

June 14, 2017

Military leaders have been some of the greatest leaders of all time. However, many have been quietly leading in the shadows of their military service. Military leaders have a distinct difference in their leadership requirements compared to their civilian counterparts – they have the potential of seeing their people fall in combat.

In today’s episode, I have the delight of interview Colonel (retired) John Conrad.  Colonel Conrad was a Canadian Army Officer and now currently works as an executive within the Albertan government. During the interview, we the following topics:

  1. What led him down the leadership road.
  2. What have been some of his greatest challenges as a leader.
  3. What is the greatest success he has enjoyed as a leader.
  4. What would be the largest setback he has had as a leader.
  5. What is one piece of advice for leaders starting their journey.
  6. Where he thinks most leaders fail today.

Guest Resources

Colonel Conrad has written two books to date, both of which I own and highly recommend for reading. If they are of interest to you then have a look at them via the following links:


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