Leading the Millennial Generation with Lee Caraher – Episode 46

May 23, 2018

Young people need to be asked what matters,

not be told what matters

– Jeff Martin


The Millennial Generation is getting a bad rap in the workplace. From being called lazy to self-centered, there is no shortage of criticism of this up and coming generation. However, is the criticism truly justified or is it simply short-sighted on the older generations’ part? That is a question which many people struggle to answer within their organization. Incorporating and empowering millennials within organizations must be at the forefront of any leader’s priority list as this generation grows to take over the working population.

This brings my guest Lee McEnany Caraher to light. She is the founder and CEO of Double Forte, a national public relations and digital media agency. Lee is also an acclaimed author and speaker and a recognized expert on creating high performing, positive, intergenerational workplaces. Through her work, she shows companies how to embrace the qualities of different generations, and how to recognize the significant benefits of shifting the definition of company loyalty from a long tenure of employment to a lifetime of allegiance regardless of employment status. During our interview we discuss the following topics:

  • How she became an expert in the Millennial Generation
  • Why is there so much negativity about millennials in the workplace?
  • Mentoring Millennials – dos and don’ts
  • How leaders leverage Xennials to bridge the gap between Gen Xers and Millennials.

Guest Resources

If you are interested in learning more about Lee and her resources then be sure to check them out:


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