George Penyak discusses what it means to be a millennial leader

Lessons from a Younger Leader with George Penyak – Episode 30

January 24, 2018

Age is often related to leadership; however, just because someone is older does not mean that they are a better leader. Millennials today are slowly taking over the workforce for their creativity, drive, imagination. My guest in this episode, George Penyak, is just that. Despite being the youngest member of his sales team, he is the team lead.

In this episode, we discuss what it means to be a younger or millennial leader when dealing with a group of employees who are older and have more experience. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview:

  • His background and story
  • How he came into a leadership role
  • How did his subordinates take the news of his promotion to their supervisor
  • What strategies has he employed in dealing with older subordinates
  • What challenges have arisen from directing older subordinates and how he overcame them
  • What advice he has for anyone who’s about to begin leading older subordinates

Guest Resources

George is just a cool guy; he has no resources to share. He wanted to just wanted to share his story and experiences.



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