Johnathan Grzybowski discusses the lessons he has learnt from running his own business as well as how he has incorporated social responsibility into his company Penji.

Lessons from Penji Cofounder, Johnathan Grzybowski – Episode 45

May 16, 2018

Entrepreneurial leadership requires the ability to move quickly when the opportunity presents itself.

– Brian Tracy

There’s no denying that entrepreneurship is on the rise across the entire world. As more people rush to start their own businesses, there is a need for an entrepreneurial leader to learn the lessons from those who are already running their own businesses. Additionally, how we operate businesses in a socially responsible manner is a question which all entrepreneurial leaders need to contemplate at one point or another.

My guest in this episode is highly qualified to discuss all of these issues and more. As the Co-Founder of Penji, Johnathan Grzybowski is an entrepreneurial leader who has accumulated a large amount of experience working in large corporations, transferred this experience to his business, and has executed his vision in a socially responsible manner. During this episode we discuss the following topics:

  • What life was like working in Apple
  • What he learned about company culture
  • What lessons he took from Apple to his company
  • What were some of the challenges he faced on his route to Penji
  • How Penji is socially responsible by using intercity students as employees.
  • What leadership style he uses within Penji

Guest Resources

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Mentioned Resouces

Here are a few other things mentioned throughout the episode:

  • Camden, New Jersey
  • Trello
  • Penji discount code: MFL10 – Use this coupon code at Penji and get 10% off your monthly subscription! Every month you use their services! Now beat that!

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