Rising Through Adversity With Jordon Perolio – Episode 17

July 4, 2017

At some point, we all have to face adversity. The difference is what you do when that adversity comes. As a leader your people’s adversity becomes yours. Hearing others’ story can help you with your situation. The main thing is to learn from others’ lessons and apply them to your situation.

In this episode, I had the delight of interviewing Jordon Perolio.  Jordon and I met in a common Facebook group and once I got just a hint of his story I knew I had to have him on the show. To sum it up, Jordon has gone from high school drop out to holding a Master’s degree in leadership. During the interview, we the following topics:

  1. What led him down the leadership road and his background.
  2. His reasons for going Officer and the journey to becoming one
  3. Leadership challenges since
  4. Daily leadership practices he uses
  5. What drove him to obtain a Masters in leadership


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