Culture Fix | Colin Ellis | Episode 109

April 8, 2020

Business leaders are well aware that their organization’s viability directly relates to its culture. Research shows that 92 percent of senior executives cite culture as a critical driver to their company, yet only 16 percent said their culture “is exactly where it should be.” Even knowing culture transformation is a critical strategy for giving them a competitive edge, leaders tend to avoid embarking on it — because it involves risk, time and money. A cultural evolution is a complex undertaking and isn’t something you hire a consultant to lead or that you purchase off the shelf. If people within the organization don’t believe in the culture change, aren’t involved in it or simply don’t understand it, it will fail. Leaders need to prepare their organization for cultural evolution by answering the “why this and why now?” questions and providing a foundation upon which the activity required to deliver the change can be built.

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Developing a Culture of Engagement | David Veech | Episode 106

March 18, 2020

Engagement and culture are two aspects which followers yearn for within any organization. They want to feel like they belong in the organization, that the organization understands them as an individual, and that they feel connected with their organization at the core level. Yet too many organizations out there couldn’t care less about this aspects. […]

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Creating A Highly Productive Culture | Liz Kislik | Episode 94

November 27, 2019

Organizational productivity is linked to the organization’s culture. If the organization’s culture is of one which stuffs out ideas, limits creativity, or enables backstabbing then it will implode. However, if your organization embraces a culture where people can talk, collaborate, and resolve conflicts then it’ll be a highly productive culture.

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Developing Cultural Brilliance with Claudette Rowley – Episode 70

March 20, 2019

Culture is said to be the cornerstone of any organization. Without a culture where employees feel secure, valued, and respected an organization will crumble. Yet we hear so many horror stories of bosses running their organizations to the ground, or employees who do not feel apart of a team and ultimately only care for themselves. It’s time leaders step forward and develop an organizational culture where everyone matters, where everyone is valued, and where everyone can thrive.

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