Slow Down to Speed Up with Liz Bywater

Slow Down to Speed Up | Liz Bywater | Episode 99

January 27, 2020

The world is moving at an ever increasing pace yet leaders are becoming more and more bogged down by everything which they are expected to achieve. Sometimes the best strategic is not actually learn how to speed up but rather how and when to slow down.

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Never Go With Your Gut with Gleb Tsipursky Episode 98

Never Go With Your Gut | Dr. Gleb Tsipursky | Episode 98

January 15, 2020

Decision making is the task which leaders are tasked with the most during their day. Unfortunately most leaders are not trained how to properly make decision and therefore end up simply “going with their gut” and not necessarily making an informed decision. Thus, as a leaders you should never go with your gut but learn how to make proper decisions.

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Lead like a Royal Marine | Roderic Yapp

Lead like a Royal Marine | Roderic Yapp | Episode 97

January 7, 2020

There are no other leadership lessons which are in comparison than those which are learned on the front lines. The Royal Marines of the UK’s armed forces know all too well this lesson. Military leaders are trained to think quickly, be decisive, and most importantly the importance of taking care of their soldiers. All leadership […]

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The Neuroscience of Success with Michele Molitor

The Neuroscience of Success | Michele Molitor | Episode 96

December 11, 2019

Even leaders have their “baggage” which affects their emotions and gave have negative consequences for their performance. Our people and organizations deserve leaders who operate at their peaks, that is where neuroscience can come into play and give leaders that advantage.

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SuccessQuest Interview

Guest Appearance – Success Quest Podcast

December 9, 2019

I had the honour of being interviewed on the SuccessQuest podcast. From their show notes we discuss the following topics: In this episode we dive DEEP into how to improve our leadership skills! Scott has been in the military from the moment he was graduating high school. Having served 18 years in the military he […]

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Transform Your Team with Jill Valdez Episode 95

Transform Your Team | Jill Valdez | Episode 95

December 4, 2019

The world is constantly changing and it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with “the Jones'” per say. Teams are no different in this case. Teams need to evolve and change over time to ensure that they stay relevant and meet your organization’s needs. So it’s imperative that you learn how to transform your team for the future. Not learning this could cause something that work okay to crash and burn.

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Creating Highly Productive Cultures with Liz Kislik Episode 94

Creating A Highly Productive Culture | Liz Kislik | Episode 94

November 27, 2019

Organizational productivity is linked to the organization’s culture. If the organization’s culture is of one which stuffs out ideas, limits creativity, or enables backstabbing then it will implode. However, if your organization embraces a culture where people can talk, collaborate, and resolve conflicts then it’ll be a highly productive culture.

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Eliminating Gender Biased Workplaces with Andie Kramer and Al Harris

Eliminating Gender Biased Workplaces| Andie Kramer & Al Harris | Episode 93

November 19, 2019

It’s 2019, almost 2020 yet gender-based biases still exist in the western world. Leaders need to stand and making eliminating gender biased workplaces a thing of the pass. The ideology that a gender is inferior to another must be stuffed out if our organizations are going to succeed in the future.

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Leading into the Future with Diana Wu David

Leading Into the Future | Diana Wu David | Episode 92

November 6, 2019

As leaders we need to prepare for the future the best we can. It’s impossible to foresee events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 2008 financial crisis, or even a key person leaving the organization but we can develop the skill sets to adapt, adjust, and overcome to ensure the impact is minimal. Leading […]

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Transforming Legacy Organizations into Innovative Ones | Kris Ostergaard

Transforming Legacy Organizations into Innovative Ones | Kris Ostergaard | Episode 91

October 29, 2019

The world is constantly changing, this has been said over and over again. In order to keep relevant organizations need to change with current trends. However, those organizations which are well-established and successful are often those the most difficult to change. It is a paradigm of epic proportions. Therefore, leaders within these organizations need to learn how to change their organizations in order to remain competitive when the startup is the most powerful organization currently.

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