Guest Appearance – The Power to Live More Podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Jo Dodds’ podcast, The Power to Live More. This show is primary aimed towards productivity and effeciency, however, I was able to discuss core leadership components as well. During the show I discussed the following topics:

  • My workstations and how I manage to work at eight different locations
  • The driving factors that inspires me to do what I do
  • How I prioritizes my tasks and things to do
  • Why I doesn’t need cutting-edge technology to get the job done
  • Who helps me get things done
  • How I empowers my team
  • Why lunchtime is my favourite time of the day
  • Why I believe in quality over quantity
  • Resources I use for personal development
  • How compartmentalising helps me when things don’t go right
  • How I uses my alone time in the evening to get over the day’s challenges

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