Adam Brown talks about his experience with employee welfare and developing relations.

The Importance of Employee Welfare and Relations with Adam Brown – Episode 38

March 21, 2018

Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.

– Jim Goodnight

Employees/people are the cornerstones of any organization regardless of the size and function. Without our people, we are simply not leaders. However, it seems that too many leaders do not simply care enough to worry about their employees’ welfare nor care enough to build relations with them. Employee welfare and relation building must be at the forefront of any leaders mind.

That brings me to my guest in this episode, Adam Brown. Adam – or Brownie as I affectionally refer to him as – is one of my closest friends, former Canadian Army Armour Officer, Afghanistan veteran, and now an entrepreneur. Adam has his employees’ welfare and relations with them always in his mind, and he’s very passionate on the topic. During the episode we discuss the following topics:

  • His story and background
  • The key leadership lessons he learned while in the military
  • How leaders can know their people
  • How leaders can promote their people’s welfare
  • His key lessons learned 
  • What businesses do to immediately improve how they take care of their people
  • How leadership experience has shaped him as an entrepreneur

Guest Resources

If you are interested in connecting with Adam or learning more about what he does then check out his following resources:


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