Updraft: The Aerodynamics of Great Leadership | Jackie Freedman | Episode 126

Is your business, company, or non-profit struggling to fly? Discover a breathtakingly simple approach to leading any team to greater heights. Is your organization having trouble working as a cohesive team? Are you struggling to lead your employees with so many pieces moving at once? These are all common problems which leaders face on a daily basis. To break the  mold leaders need to learn how to push their teams to greater heights by using the occasional updraft to help them along the way.

Jackie founded Delta-V Strategies ten years ago to bring world-class thinking, tools, and techniques to organizations while creating an environment that brings out the best in each individual. We want to help leaders grow and learn and listen so their organization and the teams that make it go can flourish. Her passion comes from having worked and interacted with people at all levels. She has seen firsthand how management’s attitudes and behaviors affect people’s performance and corporate results. She has worked directly with Peter Hunter, creator of the Breaking the Mould process, and was among the first U.S. consultants certified to use this powerful process. I hold a variety of certifications and am a member of the Odyssey International Consulting Consortium as well as a variety of professional organizations.


During this interview, Jackie and I discuss the following topics:

  • The inspiration behind her book
  • How to create updraft within your organization
  • Why integrity is so important as a leader
  • How leaders can use culture to updraft their organization
  • Powerful ways to foster your team’s commitment and game-changing passion
  • How to encourage the emotional connections that drive success and engagement

Guest Resources

If you are interested in learning more about Jackie and her resources be sure to check out the following links:


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